"Time is at the heart of human existence." Henri Bergson

Developed in 2005 by AM Azure Consulting, Now It's About Time incorporates a short on line assessment - TimeFrames - with a completion time of between 5 and 10 minutes. The results - a 14 page report - provide a robust methodology to identify the maturity with which we view our past, present and future.

This site isn’t a self-help programme. There is no five CD course to buy. Neither is there any 10 step formula for career success and life fulfilment (guaranteed or your money back).

Instead the site provides lots of “stuff”: insights and ideas, anecdotes and summaries of research, and prompts and additional links to other sites to extend and expand your thinking about how time shapes our lives.

The tool-kit provides over 300 insights - covering everything from anger, apologies and autobiographies, blame and boredom, daydreams, déjà vu and deadlines, fantasy, fear and failure , memory and mistakes, nostalgia and now, prioritisation, Parkinson’s Law and positive procrastination, the risks of regret and rumination, sulking, stress management, why time speeds as we age and the science of a good holiday, to Zaphod’s ego and Zen thinking - to help users recognise the impact of time on their careers and lives.

For a summary of the thinking behind this resource and the TimeFrames assessment, please download: Why It's About Time and how attitudes to time - past, present and future - shape leadership decision making

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