"Now It's About Time provides a powerful insight into a key driver of work and life success; we've found it an excellent tool in our career coaching activity." Neil Lewis, Working Transitions

How we think about time matters.

This isn’t simply about time management and how we optimise our personal productivity around the clock and calendar. It’s more fundamental than that. The feelings we have about our past, how we view the present and think about our future are important indicators of our well being and progression in life.

  • are we connected to our past seeing it as a source of valuable experience and learning, or resentful about its impact, or nostalgic for happier times?
  • are we operating in the current flow optimising our enjoyment of the present, or avoiding pressing realities, or simply living for the moment?
  • are we preparing to build a better future, or fearful of what lies ahead, or fantasising about unlikely possibilities?

Now It's About Time provides an integrated short on line assessment with supporting development resource - over 300 insights, quotes, recommended reading - to help you rethink how time influences your life satisfaction and career success, and to make time a positive force in your life.

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